What Should I Do As A Food Delivery Courier If I Get Sick?

Food delivery couriers come into contact with many surfaces and items handled by many people each day, especially food bags. As food delivery couriers are essential workers, they are at a higher risk than normal of contracting the coronavirus due to the nature of their work. If you’re looking for steps you can take to avoid coronavirus, read our previous blog post “3 Ways You Can Stay Safe From Coronavirus As A Food Delivery Courier”. However, if you’ve followed these steps but start to feel sick, don’t panic, below we shed some light on what you can do to manage your symptoms and get the help you need.


1. Stay home and self-isolate

It's important that you stay home if you start to feel cold and flu-like symptoms such as coughing, fever, tiredness and sore throat. Self-isolation and limiting in-person contact is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus to other people.


2. Take it easy

The best remedy for you is to just take it easy and rest up! Resting, especially sleeping can help your body find the energy to fight the virus and get you back on your bike quickly. If symptoms persist past two weeks or worsen, contact a doctor for further advice.


3. Contact your doctor

If you know that you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, call your doctor or nearest medical centre on the phone to arrange an appointment. Do not go straight to your doctor as you are putting others in danger.


4. I can’t work, now what?

Your health is most important at this time however, if you are concerned because you cannot work, don’t be. Most if not all food delivery services are offering financial support which you can apply through their websites. For more information on how to apply for financial assistance from your delivery app, contact your Jot Bikes store today.