When you pick up your bike, it will come with everything you need to start riding, including a battery, charger, phone holder, helmet, lock, and key. We will give you these items in a carry bag.

These bikes are pedal-assisted, meaning that when you start pedalling, the electric motor is activated and pushes you along. To make the most of the battery charge, use low battery settings (settings 1-2) while travelling downhill, and high settings while travelling uphill (setting 3-4). To make it easier for you to pedal downhill, change the gear to a higher number (gear 4-6). You must be pedalling while you change the gears. To make it easier for you to pedal uphill, change the gear to a lower number (gear 1-3). You must be pedalling while you change the gears.

To charge the battery, you can either leave it inside the bike or unlock and take it out. From here, plug it into any power outlet available and wait until the battery indicates that it is full. You can partial charge as well if you like.

Any issues with the bike, let us know by making an appointment here and describe your issue in the description.

Generally, if it's a minor issue we can have it done with 24 hours, if it's a major issue we may coordinate a replacement bike

You will need to pump the tyres every 1-2 weeks up to 55 PSI with the pump provided. This ensures a smooth ride and prevents punctures to the tyres.
You will need to bring the bike in for a service every month.

The bond is $200 and will be refunded when the bike is returned in acceptable condition.

The weekly rental payment starts from just $49/week.

Yes, please let us know at

The minimum rental period is based on your selected plan.

Let us know in-store and we will add a spare battery onto your plan.

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