5 Ways To Prevent Your Electric Bike From Getting Stolen

When something looks as good as a brand new electric bike, especially your brand new Jot Bike, it's hard for thieves to keep their hands off it. In this article we share 5 easy steps you can take to prevent your electric bike from being stolen so you can avoid that hefty price tag of replacing your e-bike.


1. Always lock your bike

Ok duh, sounds obvious right? Well it does. However, people still forget to lock their bike up whenever it is unattended. The majority of bike thefts occur when your bike is left unattended even for short periods of time, so make sure if you’re not going to be within arms reach of the bike, you lock it up! At Jot Bikes we provide you with a high grade lock so when locked correctly your bike is safe.


2. Only lock through the frame

The frame is the strongest part of any bike and it’s also the only place on your bike you should be using to secure your bike. Locking your bike through the wheels is not safe as thieves can simply remove the wheel and carry the bike away.


3. Lock the battery

The most expensive part of any electric bike is not the bike itself, but the battery so it’s no surprise that thieves are after them as well. Most electric bikes allow you to remove the battery using a key. It is important that you keep your battery locked on the bike when riding and leave the key in a safe place, in your house or on a keychain (not in the battery). 


4. Take note of your bikes serial number

It’s not always possible to completely avoid bike theft, so in the case that your bike is stolen, knowing your bike serial number can assist authorities in tracking it down. If you have a Jot Bike you can contact us and ask for the serial number for your bike so you’re prepared for any situation.


5. Always bring your bike inside at night 

Bike thieves are mostly nocturnal creatures that roam the streets at night, when it's dark, looking for unattended bikes. Whenever possible bring your bike into your house or apartment, or if you can’t bring it indoors, lock it in a well-lit area with security cameras, like your apartment block car park.