Why Electric Bike Are The Best Vehicle For UberEats

Electric Bikes being used for food delivery services like UberEats is an increasingly common sight in Australian Roads. There are many advantages to riding an ebike for food delivery to other means of transport. In this article, we will look at five reasons why electric bikes are the best vehicle for food delivery services:


1. More speed more deliveries

You can make more deliveries with an electric bike than ordinary bikes. Unlike normal bikes where the speed depends on how much effort you put on the peddle, ebike are powered by battery and a motor which provide assistance when pedaling. Forget about getting tired peddling, having to walk the bike uphill and sore body after a day of ride; with an ebike, you will be cruising with the pedal assistance motor at a much higher speed without getting tired. Having more speed results in you making more deliveries in a short time and earning more without having to do the hard bit.


2. Low rental cost

Purchasing an ebike can be a big investment as they tend to be really expensive. However, renting an ebike doesn't have to be expensive and getting your hands on  an amazing ebikes has never been easier; Jot Bikes provides a range of e bikes at affordable rental cost. This means, you can start using e bikes for food delivery without having to break the bank. Renting an ebike is the best option for food delivery as it provides an accessible entry point for everyone and is also light on your pocket so you can earn more without having to invest thousands of dollars in getting your own.


3. No extra expenses 

Electric bikes are very cheap to run as they dont require license, registration and fuel. Unlike other vehicles like motorcycles and cars where the run cost is substantial, you won’t have to worry about any of this if you have an ebike. The only thing you have to do is charge your battery and that’s about it! Jot Bikes provides free servicing on the rental bikes so that you don't even have to worry about maintenance. Since e bikes don’t have extra expenses associated with it, it is hands down the best vehicle for ubereats.


4. Reach your destination quicker

No one likes getting stuck in the traffic. Having to sit behind cars and waiting for the traffic to move slow can be annoying but with an electric bike, you can bypass traffic and reach your destination in no time. With the powerful motor assisting your paddling, you can zip through the traffic or weaving through the backstreets reaching your destination much quicker. Also, Jot Bikes come with phone holders to navigate your way to your destination on the phone and also have a usb charging port for your phone so that your phone will never run out of power.


5. Safe and street legal 

E-bikes are safe and are street legal. Each Jot Bike is equipped with rechargeable bright front and rear lights so that the rider is visible on road even in the dark environment. Also, reflectors are fitted on the bike as an extra precaution, keeping safety of the rider in mind. All Jot Bikes are legal to ride and are compliant with all the australian laws for e-bikes. Jot bikes are capped at 25km/hr, are paddle assisted and riders are provided with ISO certified helmets as well.