Why Regular Servicing Is Important For Your Electric Bike

A well serviced bike is a safe bike. For your safety and the safety of others on the road, regular servicing is a must. Servicing your bike regularly ensures that any mechanical problems with your e-bike are identified and corrected to ensure your safety. Here are the some reasons to take your e-bike for regular servicing:


1. Maximise performance 

Regular servicing ensures that you get the most out of your e-bike. Servicing your bike regularly ensures that all the components of the bike work properly and are in a good working condition. Electric bikes have many components that have to be taken care of to perform smoothly and the regular servicing makes such a big difference on how your e-bike performs. Expect to see the following common activities during your service appointment: lubing the chains, cleaning the bike, tuning the gears, pumping up the tyres, and replacing brake pads and cables.


2. Fix issues needing expert attention

The main reason why you would want to regularly service your bike is to fix the issues with your e-bike that you may or more likely may not be aware of, by a professional. During the regular service, bike mechanics go through a certain checklist to ensure that the bike is performing properly and has no issues. They are equipped with knowledge, tools and experience to solve the problem with the bike and also prevent the issues that may come up in the future. Getting your bike looked at by an expert ensures that there is no problem with the bike and is safe to ride.


3. Prolong the life of your e-bike

A regularly serviced e-bike has a longer life compared to the e-bikes that are not serviced at a certain interval. E-bikes that are regularly serviced are less likely to have a major issue with the bike which means that you can enjoy your e-bike for a very long time if you take good care of it.


4. Confidence when riding 

Regular servicing ensures that your e-bike is mechanically sound and that you will not be presented with a nasty surprise of your bike breaking down when you are down the road. A well serviced bike with smooth gear shifts, clean and well lubricated drivetrain, effective brakes and well pumped up tyres will boost your confidence on the bike so that you can enjoy riding with a peace of mind and full confidence on your e-bike.


5. Maximise earnings 

As e-bikes are commonly used for food delivery services like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog and many more, a mechanically sound bike is crucial if you want to maximise your earnings. Servicing bikes regularly ensures that your bike will not break when working and you will spend more time doing deliveries and earning money and not on fixing the bike.