Can You Ride An Electric Bike Through The Rain?

Cycling in the pouring rain is rarely in any cyclist’s favourite list. All in all, riding your bike through the rain is not a good idea and with the addition of a battery and electric motor in an e-bike, riding through the rain is not something you would want to do. At Jot Bikes, our e-bikes are water resistant, which means it is possible to ride through the rain but is not recommended as there are numerous risks involved. Also, any damage caused by water is not covered and you would have to pay for it. So ask yourself every time you think about riding in the rain : is it worth the risk?

Try to avoid riding when it rains as this would be the best thing you can do. However, for any reason you have to ride through the rain, here are some tips to keep you safe on the road:


1. Take care of your e-bike

The last thing you want is damaging your ebike riding in the rain. Take good care of your bike by riding carefully and not letting water get inside your motor and battery. You can do this by covering your battery with clean wrap, avoiding the roads that are flooded and keeping your ebike in a shade when you get off. Besides the electronic components, there are other parts of the bike that can be damaged by water. It is essential to dry the bike after riding in the rain and lubricate the drivetrain. You may need to service your e-bike earlier than usual if you ride in the rain. 


2. Keep yourself warm and dry

It is essential to keep yourself warm and dry when riding through the rain. Invest in a good pair or rain jacket and water resistant gloves designed for cycling so that you can stay warm and dry while riding and enjoy a comfortable ride. 


3. Be visible

Visibility decreases when it's raining so it is very important to be aware of that. Visibility is important for your safety and the safety of others around you. You can be visible to others by wearing bright clothes and turning on the bright front and rear lights provided with the ebike at Jot Bikes. It is also recommended to wear a hat or clear glasses so that you are not blinded by the rain drops constantly hitting your eyes. Lastly, be mindful of other people not being visible to you due to the rain and ride safe.


4. Adjust riding style

Riding your e-bike through the rain is not the same as riding it in dry weather. The slippery wet surface decreases the braking distance massively, so remember to brake much earlier than you normally would to prevent collision. Also, the tyres have less traction in rain and tend to slip as a result. It is a good idea to decrease the tyre pressure by 10psi and avoid leaning while cornering. Slow down and stick to safe riding style to avoid injury.


5. Avoid standing water

While riding through the rain, pay attention to the road and avoid standing water as it may be a pothole covered in water which is very dangerous. Riding the e-bike in a pothole may destroy the motor and battery if it is too deep and also, there is a big risk of serious injury caused by your wheel being stuck in it and you falling off the bike. If you see standing water on the road, go around it and if it is not possible to do so, get off your bike and walk your bike till you clear the standing water.