DEHAWK i5 Battery for NCM Moscow, Milano, Venice, Atom Explorer 36V 13Ah


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Dehawk i5 36V battery

  • Voltage Capacity 36V 13AH 
  • Cells Lithium-Ion NCM18650-220 High Power 
  • Internal resistance 180 Ohlm
  • Minimum capacity 12.5Ah 
  • Standard charge constant current 2A, constant voltage 42V, 200mA Cut-Off 
  • Standard discharge constant current 6.25A, final voltage 27.5V 
  • Cycles 500,> 60% capacity 
  • Max. Charge current 4A 
  • Max. Discharge current 15A 
  • Overvoltage protection 60?ñ6A(15ms) 
  • USB connection (mobile phone, tablet charging function with 1A) 
  • Charging temperature 0-45Celsius 
  • Operating temperature 0-60Celsius 
  • Storage Temperature (15-35Celsius) Humidity (45-75%) 
  • Battery dimensions
    • Total weight approx. 3,25kg 
    • Length x width x height 458 x 62 x 80 mm

Suitable for the following bike type/models

  • NCM Aspen 
  • NCM Moscow 
  • NCM Milano 
  • NCM Venice 
  • Atom Explorer

Package Includes:

  • 1x i5 battery

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