Jot Bikes vs Zoomo. The best ebikes for couriers

See why thousands of food couriers choose to ride with Jot Bikes over Zoomo every day.

1. Better quality bikes at cheaper prices

At Jot we only stock ebikes that have been tried and tested in the most testing of conditions, which is why we stand by the quality of our ebikes. We also offer our ebikes at much more affordable prices so you can take home more of your hard earned earnings at the end of the day. Our NCM Prague is available for $59/week vs Zoomo Zero for $89/week.

Loved Jot bikes, the bike was 10/10. Battery life, speed and overall performance was great. Would 100% recommend. - Jamie


2. Quality servicing for free, no strings attached

Feel supported by Jot Bikes when you’re out on the road with free servicing. Our free Jot electric bike servicing is truly free, we will service your flat tyre for free vs paying $30 for a flat tyre service at Zoomo. And, if you can’t get to us, we’ll pay for your bike service from another mechanic. We know what we’d prefer!

The process of renting a bike from jot bikes was very easy and efficient. The free services they offer kept my bike on the road and enabled me to work as much as possible. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for an electric bike! - Harland

3. Dedicated 7 day customer service

Help is only a phone call, email or Facebook message away. If you ever need any assistance for whatever it may be, our friendly support team is always there to help you. No robots, just real people who genuinely want to help you with any requests you may have.



4. Australian focused, earnings focused

We’re 100% Australian owned and operated, and have always been focused on providing everyone in Australia with the best ebike experience possible. No matter what you need a Jot Bike for, we’ve got the right bike for your needs. We can also integrate your UberEats data so we can assist you with earning more during your available hours.


5. We’re rated the best

If you’re still not sure why Jot, well, we’ve left the best till last. Don’t listen to what we say, just read our highly rated google reviews and let our customers do the talking. Search ‘Jot Bikes’ on google and read reviews from hundreds of Jot Bikes customers.

Great bikes. Even better customer service. No hassles any time I had to get any service on the bike or get something changed. Recommended for anyone looking to get E-Bikes.

- Hammad


Overall, if you’re looking for high quality ebikes with a high quality customer experience, we’ve got it here at Jot Bikes. We stand by our service and pride ourselves on the positive experience thousands of customers have experienced before. Ride smart and earn more with Jot Bikes!