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EL DOBLEZ Electric Folding Bike, E-Bike, 350W, 36V 10.4Ah 375Wh Battery




  • Easy folding makes this an ebike you can take anywhere
  • Hefty 350W Bafang motor gives good power for your ride
  • Tough tyres tackles gravel roads with ease
  • Includes mudguards to protect you from dirt and mud when off-roading

Doblez is Spanish for ‘fold’ and this bike does just that. Able to fold down to near handbag size, this bike is the definition of a pocket rocket. This little guy is perfect if you want to rip around high-density areas. It also makes an amazing travel companion as it fits into small spaces. Whack it in a spot like the front seat of your car and you can whip it out, unfold it and you are good to go.


  • 350W BAFANG rear-drive motor
  • Samsung Battery. Choose either:
  • 36v / 10.4ah battery (up to 40km range per-charge)
  • Charger included
  • Light alloy frame
  • Front and rear TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes
  • 7-speed SHIMANO gear set
  • Integrated front light, battery powered rear light
  • Comfy JUSTEK saddle
  • Suspension seat post
  • Leather grips
  • Half grip throttle
  • LCD display screen
  • When folded: 50 x 90 x 64 cm
  • 24kgs (21kgs excl. battery and seat)


Compact Folding Design

Perfect when your tight on space or looking for something that you can chuck in the car. The folding design makes this bike the perfect travel companion.

Com Design

Folding is enabled via 2 easy-to-use clip-and-hinge mechanisms. One clip-and-hinge controls the fold in the middle of the frame. This allows the bike frame to fold in half. The other clip-and-hinge controls the fold of the handlebars. This allows the handlebars to collapse down.

To assemble, simply unfold to the riding position and clip-in the 2 hinge locks. Collapse by unclipping the locks then folding the handlebars and frame to their folded position. That’s it! Fold to store, unfold to ride, each in just a few seconds. Watch the video below to see this all in action.

350W BAFANG Rear-Drive Motor

Bafang has been at the forefront of electric motor design for almost 20 years. We’re proud to partner with these exceptional electric motor manufacturers. Bafang backs this motor with a 1-year warranty, so you know it will last.

These motors are small, lightweight and discreet; located within the centre of the rear wheel. 350W packs a punch, which is what you need when using smaller wheels of the compact design. Simply pedalling the bike will activate the motor, bolting you forwards. You can control its speed with the half-grip throttle too.

Gears Do

Samsung 36v / 10.4ah Battery

The Samsung 10.4ah/36w battery will give you a 40-50km range.  It takes 4-5 hour to fully charge the battery from after its been fully discharged, though you can top it up at any time. Simply unclip the battery from the bike and plug it into the wall with the adapter provided. Clip your battery back into the bike when you’re ready to ride.  

The Samsung cell battery guarantees longevity, backed by a 1-year warranty

Bat Do

Lockable (with a key) to help keep your battery secure:

Bat 2 Do

Light Alloy Frame

Remaining compact with all essential features to keep you riding in comfort is the core of this design.

Just like our larger bikes, a mudguard sits above each wheel to help prevent flick-up of stones and debris when riding off-road and keeping you drier when riding in the wet.

Frame Do

Front & Rear TEKTRO Mechanical Disc Brakes

With the power of a 350W motor, you want to know that you’re still going to be able to stop suddenly if required. The Doblez can do just that. TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes come fitted to the front and rear wheels.


7-Speed SHIMANO Gear Set

Shimano 7-speed gear set is controlled at the handles. Moving up and down the gears is a breeze.

Gears Dob

Integrated Front & Rear Lights

Front and rear lights that are adjustable come fully-integrated into the Doblez. Come nightfall you’re ready to ride safe, just turn them on and go.

Reflectors underneath the seat and in the wheel spokes provide additional visibility when lights are shining on you.  No need to spend more on extras like after-market lighting and reflectors (though we’re not against you taking extra safety precautions!).

Front Light:

Front Light Doub

Dsc00577 Edit

Rear Light:

Rear Light

Comfy JUSTEK Saddle

A well-cushioned seat that will have you riding in comfort for longer. We understand there’s nothing worse than riding a bike with an uncomfy seat!

Seart Do

Suspension Seat Post

Soften the blow when riding over bumps with the suspension seat post. Adjust the seat height to suit your size and riding preference. This bike is one-size, fully-adjustable.

Seat Do

Leather Grips

Leather handlebar grips look great and feel good in the hand.


Half Grip Throttle

A half grip throttle to controls your speed when using the motor. The half grip throttle only needs half a twist around the handlebar to reach full output making it user-friendly and easy to control for all riders regardless of your experience.

Leath Grips

LCD Display Screen



Smaller wheels combined with a more powerful 350W motor allow for the bike to remain compact yet still offer the functional speed and drive you need in an e-bike.

Wheels Doblez


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